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An empowered man is the foundation of a family, the foundation of the Church, community and the Nation at large.
The slogan “when you educate a woman you educate a nation” made everybody focus their eyes on empowering a girl child or a woman. Unfortunately all children are human beings and were supposed to be empowered equally. Today, we find very educated ladies but no one to marry them, for men are on drugs and illicit liquor failing procreation completely.
Our passion in dealing with men is derived from Ps. 11:3 When the foundations are destroyed, where will the righteous go? An empowered man is the foundation of a family, the foundation of the Church, community and the Nation at large. We are committed to return the dignity of these disadvantaged male adults to strengthen the foundation of our Nation.

This concept is by Stephjoy schools Ltd, together with the Kikuyu council of Elders to enable us work with the community agents to reach all disadvantaged men throughout the country. Once we go to another province, we will partner with their province council of elders for we will manage to reach to the ground of the disadvantage aged men until we manage all communities.


To address the interrelated problems youth unemployment and resultant problems in Kenya, this project intends to complement the government efforts in ensuring every child attains the highest level of education regardless of social or economic circumstances and transitions to gainful employment and responsible livelihood. This will be full boarding to take care of their health as majority of them are not married and a few are separated due to this liquor.


  • Sit for KCPE, KCSE for any man who has not reached this level. For the men who are through with these National Exams, we shall offer them Electrical Installation, Plumbing and Water harvesting, Appropriate Technology in Agricultural practices, Technology Transfer, Motor Vehicle Mechanics and indeed several others that are needed especially at the rural set ups. All of them will train for driving before they leave.

  • Be linked up to higher education opportunities based on their ability and interest.  Abridged academic training, vocational training, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, business education, incubation linkages as well as basic life copying skills.
  • Receive a seed capital and tools for starting business ventures.
    Research by the Kenya Institute of Public Research and Analysis (KIPRA) indicates that survival rate from class one to form 4 is less than 20% while those to survive to university is less than 1.69%. From these estimates, it implies that about 250,000 male youth without  foundation, employable skills are churned out of the school system every year (quoted from DN December 13, 2016).

Education is one of the most promising paths for individuals to realize better, more productive lives and is a corner stone for national economic development. The Government of Kenya has invested heavily on improving both the access and
quality of education to achieve the education-related Millennium Development Goals and Vision 2030 (GoK 2011)
To compliment and support what the government is doing, we are getting to the ground to have all these disadvantaged men who join illegal gangs and improve their livelihoods. This  will enable them educate their own children  to support 100% transition from one level of education to the next and for the singles to get married to become responsible and clear everyone off the streets to enhance security.


We have bought a 5-acre piece of land at Ndeiya in Limuru, Kiambu County, at Ksh. 25,000,000/- where we have put up a demonstration structure that has costed us Ksh. 6.0 million hosting 100 men at the moment and offering rehabilitation and vocational training for FREE. This will remove idle youths from the streets hence improving our security and the economy of the Nation.
The current structure can accommodate a 100 men and admission took place on 3rd April, 2018 and we are progressing well.
Working with community agents throughout the country, we will recruit and enroll at least 500 young men in the first one year and 2000 annually once the centre is up and running.
We plan to build the main Institution which cost Ksh. 164,835,712.60  where young men from the age of 25 upwards who dropped out of school for various reasons can come back and complete at least O’level education, receive skills training for employment, receive seed capital for starting business ventures or be linked up to higher education opportunities on their ability and interest.  The institution will house Dormitories, class rooms, workshops and administration block.  All the plans architectural and structural drawings are approved by Kiambu County Government. Our target is to graduate 2000 capable men annually within two years of its establishment. Our strategy is to put these men into sacco’s to build their financial base before they graduate from the institution. This will help the institution in monitoring and evaluation as well as building their capacities further to become successful businessmen.

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