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Youth unemployment in Kenya is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Today, unemployment in Kenya stands at 70% of those unemployed from age 25 and above. The World Bank estimates that approximately 800,000 Kenyans join the labor market each year, and only 50,000 succeed in getting professional jobs. Not surprisingly, the high level of unemployment has been blamed for escalating incidents of crime and insecurity in the country.
The slogan “when you educate a woman you educate a nation” made everybody focus their eyes on empowering a girl child or a woman. Unfortunately all children are human beings and were supposed to be empowered equally. Today, we find very educated ladies but no one to marry them, for men are on drugs and illicit liquor failing procreation completely.
This concept is by Stephjoy schools Ltd, together with the Kikuyu Council of Elders to enable us work with the community agents to reach all disadvantaged men throughout the country. Once we go to another province, we will partner with their province council of elders for we will manage to reach to the ground of the disadvantage aged men until we manage all communities.
These young men cannot establish stable families and hence the future generation is at stake. Hon. Mututho (Former Chairman of the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse, NACADA) reported in a meeting at Bomas of Kenya on 22nd March 2015 that illicit brew amounting to Ksh. 40 million (US$ 400,000) is consumed daily in Kiambu County alone. He further reported that the Nation is loosing 7,000 men annually through this liquor. (Calculate the number of women loosing husbands and children not born annually). The Director, Mathare Mental Hospital reported through Standard Newspaper of 12th April, 2014 that 12 Million (30%) Kenyans suffer mental disorders due to harsh life conditions. This is a very worrying trend of events which, unless arrested in real time could turn out to be our nation’s Waterloo.
To address the interrelated problems youth unemployment and resultant problems in Kenya, this project intends to complement the government efforts in ensuring every child attains the highest level of education regardless of social or economic circumstances and transitions to gainful employment and responsible livelihood. This will be full boarding to take care of their health as majority of them are not married and a few are separated due to this liquor.
Our passion in dealing with men is derived from Ps. 11:3 When the foundations are destroyed, where will the righteous go? An empowered man is the foundation of a family, the foundation of the Church, community and the Nation at large. We are committed to return the dignity of these disadvantaged male adults to strengthen the foundation of our Nation.
We will never have a developed nation without a productive citizenry. It is the input of individuals within a nation that results in the overall development of that nation.
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